Across the Ocean

Collins has extensive experience with project work. We recently completed our largest project for a US based boiler OEM involved with a desalination plant in Saudi Arabia. We furnished manual and automated valves in large quantities that required five separate international shipments over a 18 month period for the five boiler islands involved.

Our work included spec review, application engineering,  project level bid preparation, drawings, contract administration, primer painting of valve bodies, wiring, testing, tagging and custom-designed export crating. An experienced group of Collins personnel worked as a team to provide on-time shipments and quality work for this significant project.

Savings Solution

Eastman Chemical (Solutia), located in Springfield, Massachusetts, is a leading manufacturer of specialty chemicals and products for the automotive industry.

They were having a major issue with an 8” ball valve in severe service.

Plant personnel were replacing this valve every three to four months at a cost of $17,000 for each occurance. In conjunction with Valmet and the Collins Companies engineers, a barrier seat was installed in the valve, extending service life to two years and saving the plant more than $600,000 since 2006.



I just wanted to share my  most recent experience with the crew at Collin’s Bangor office:

Late yesterday, we found we needed a 6” 7150 package in a pretty bad way. My first call to Annette was sometime around 4pm. The request was to get a package (valve, actuator & positioner) as soon as possible.

Without boring you with the details, there were quite a few back-and-forths while exploring the possible solutions, encountering obstacles, and finally solving issues this morning. 

The key here is: I dealt with EVERYONE at the Bangor office during this endeavor - they all had a hand in getting this done, and in less than 21hrs, I had all the equipment I needed here on site.

This is why I refer to Collins as the “Gold Standard” vendor, especially for customer support. Their efforts are very much appreciated. Thought you might like to know.


Verso Corporation, Jay, ME



I wanted to reach out and let you know that Jody is awesome, and we really appreciate how him and your team are able to help us out with almost all of our needs in the past few years.

He is consistently getting back to me within 24 hours or less, and because of that I will continue to push to order more through Collins.

Wanted to give him a shout out, by far one of the best sales folks I have delt with.

Alex H

Maintenance Manager from major New England industrial manufacturing facility.