IVI is a VR certified safety valve repair facility, approved by the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors as a VR certificate holder (stamp 179).

We certify pressure relief valves in the shop and in the field for sections V and UV. We also perform on-site testing (while the plant operates) providing documented reports for all valves tested.

We are also certified to administer special process conversions regarding machining, welding, heat treating, and N.D.T. (non-destructive testing) with our VR certificate.

IVI is certified in service mediums such as air, liquid, steam and gas service.

With our VR stamp, we repair all types of pressure relief valves such as Consolidated, Crosby, Kunkle, Farris, Spence, Anderson Greenwood, Leser and numerous other O.E.M. safety and pressure relief valves.


Industrial valve testing is a crucial aspect of maintaining efficient and safe operations within various industrial sectors.


This process involves a comprehensive evaluation of valves to ensure their functionality, reliability, and compliance with industry standards. Valve testing typically includes assessments of factors such as pressure, temperature, leakage, and performance under specific conditions.

By conducting thorough tests, potential issues like leaks, valve failures, or inadequate performance can be identified and addressed promptly. Moreover, valve testing plays a vital role in preventing accidents, optimizing production processes, and extending the lifespan of valves.

Skilled technicians and specialized equipment are employed during the testing process to accurately measure and analyze valve performance, providing clients with reliable data and recommendations for necessary repairs or replacements.

Whether it's for the oil and gas, petrochemical, power generation, or other industrial sectors, investing in regular valve testing is essential for maintaining operational efficiency and ensuring a safe working environment.