Abrasives are classified based on their hardness, grain size, and material.

Each of these variables, depending on the application, has an impact on the end result. Allow Waites Industrial to help you sort through all of your options, whether you are looking for Superabrasives, Coated Abrasives or Scotch-Brite Finishing Products– if you need it we have it.

Limit your downtime and let us help you choose the best option for your application.

Key Items

  • Grinding Wheels
  • Cut-off Wheels
  • Snagging Wheels
  • Mounted Wheels
  • Segments
  • Plugs
  • Cones
  • Hones
  • Mounted Points
  • Sticks
  • Diamond & CBN
  • Belts, pads & sheets
  • Light deburring

Coated Vs. Bonded Abrasives

A great article about the differences between Coated and Bonded Abrasives:

Coated Vs. Bonded Abrasives: Comparing Grain Types