Power, Pharmaceutical, Pulp and Paper, Chemical or Food and Beverage, we have 30+ years’ of experience supplying contracts in each of these industries (70+ contracts currently in place).

Our contracts are designed specifically for what your company needs. These agreements will consist of:

Inventory Reduction Program:

Quarterly Review

  • From the data we gather from our Product Usage Analysis, we develop a quarterly review to produce an in-depth analysis of your actual purchases as they compare to your on-site inventory. This process will be performed each quarter for 18-24 months. This process has consistently produced a 50% reduction in onsite inventory with an improved level of service to the plant.


Stock Buy Back Program

  • We won’t let you get stuck with inventory that you can’t use or don’t have room for. In the event that we identify items that are overstocked or you no longer need to utilize in your plant, we will buy back, at full contract price, all generic items that are re-sellable and normal stock for our company. If you can’t use it, another one of our customers probably can.

Storeroom Management:

A Collins Companies account manager, dedicated to your account, will visit your storeroom on an agreed upon basis. Their mission will be to perform a full review of your stock items and should you wish they will create requisitions to replenish the items that have fallen below the minimum order point. An added feature of our Managed Storeroom Program is our labeling and bar-coding program. Labeling and bar-coding information provided:

  • Customer’s purchase order number and date
  • Our sales order number
  • Product description
  • Customer’s Parts Number
  • Customer’s barcode with complete part number and quantity ordered