Many industrial valve applications require pinpoint control over a variety of variables to ensure smooth operation of the entire control loop. High-precision and severe-service control valves for oil, gas, water, and steam applications offer the choice of pneumatic or electrical valve actuation for a variety of these variables, providing safety and reliability.

As facilities operate under higher pressures and temperatures, control valve difficulties such as cavitation, flashing, and noise become increasingly common, and it becomes even more important to select the right control valve for your need.

Contact Collins' engineering team today, and they can help you select the right control valve for your particular application, including Neles valves, Jamesbury valves, Koso Hammel Dahl valves, and more.


Key Features

  • Bronze, Iron, Carbon, Stainless Steel, Alloy, and Thermoplastic Control Valves
  • Body: A105/WCB(C) F22/WC9 F316/CF8M F91/C12A Control Valves
  • Sizes ¼” through 54” Control Valves
  • Threaded, Socket Weld, Butt Weld, and Flanged Control Valves
  • Pneumatic or Electrically Actuated Trims Available For any Application Control Valves
  • Available ASME Class 125 through 2500 Control Valves