High performance butterfly valves are a popular choice for many critical industrial operations. Because of their adaptability, they are suited for a wide range of temperatures, pressures, industries, and applications, including severe service.

Butterfly valves, also known as offset valves, can be used for control, on-off, or emergency shutdown, and are commonly used in pharmaceutical, chemical or food and beverage applications. These valves are popular because of their reliability and maintenance requirements.

Collins carries many of the popular high-performance butterfly valve manufacturers, including Valmet Jamesbury valves, in butterfly valve sizes up to 36". These butterfly valves can be packaged with electric and pneumatic actuators.

Key Features

  • Cast and Ductile Iron, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy and Thermoplastics Butterfly Valves
  • Double and Triple Offset Butterfly Valves
  • Wafer, Lug, and Full Flange Designs Butterfly Valves
  • Lever Operated, Gear Operated, Electric and Pneumatic Operated Butterfly Valves
  • A huge variety of both resilient and metal seating options for Butterfly Valves
  • Available ASME class 125 through 600, Sizes 2” through 108”
  • Popular models: Jamesbury 815 & 830 Series Butterfly Valves