Industrial Thermal Management Solutions

Raychem Advanced Heating Cable Systems

  • Self-Regulating Freeze Protection and Temperature Maintenance to 250°F
  • Power-Limiting Temperature Maintenance to 445°F
  • Mineral Insulated Alloy 825 Heating Cable Temperature Maintenance to 1000°F
  • Series-Resistance Long Line Heating Cables

Tank Heating & Tank Insulation

  • Tank Pads
  • Self-Regulating & Mineral Insulated Alloy 825 Cable
  • Trac-Loc Tank Insulation System

Control Systems

  • 910 Single Point & 920 Multi Point Control Systems
  • NGC40 Power Distribution Multi Point Control System using single-point controllers
  • NGC30 Power Distribution Multi Point Heat Tracing Control System
  • Supervisor Software
  • HTPG/HTPI Group Circuit Control & Individual Circuit Power

Pyrotenax Alloy 825 Sheathed Mineral Insulated Fire Rated Wiring Cable

  • Operating temperatures to 1238°F Maximum Exposure Temperature 2200°F
  • Power, control and communication wiring. Wiring for ESD valves.

Raychem Specification Sheets

O’Brien Heated Enclosures For Process Instrumentation

  • Vipak Enclosures
  • Electric and Steam Heating Options
  • Complete Mounting Brackets and Entry Systems
  • SaddlePak Mounting Stands
  • O’Brien TRACEPAK Heated Tubing Bundles

Electric and Steam tracing

  • All alloy tube options, Fluoropolymer, Nylon, Oxygen Cleaned & Chemically and Electro polished Stainless Steel with SilcoNert 2000.
  • Factory installed RTD’s, Thermocouples & Communication Wiring
  • High temperature heaters maintain to 660°F & withstand temperatures to 1150°F