The Collins Companies has been a true partner and as a result of this cooperation, our sales personnel and engineers have become an extension of Valmet. You may be confident that when you work with Collins, you will receive the greatest customer service available.

Valmet has acquired Neles®. On April 1, 2022, the transaction was completed. Because of their dedication to quality, Plant owners benefit from the lowest total cost of ownership with Neles & Jamesbury flow control products. For almost 20 years.

Valmet Neles ND9000 Positioner

Valmet Neles V Port Segment Valve Series R

Valmet Jamesbury Ball Valve Series 9150RR

Valmet Jamesbury 4000 Series Ball Valve

Valmet Jamesbury 815 830 Series Butterfly

Valmet Jamesbury QPX Actuator

Valmet Jamesbury 7000 Series Ball Valve

Valmet Jamesbury 9000 Series Ball Valve


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