At The Collins Companies, we value our vendors and work to create long-term relationships with them. In all of our specialty product lines, we strategically partner with leading manufacturers that provide the best value and solutions to our customers throughout the world. You can be confident in our supply because we only distribute products from the most reputable vendors.

Certain lines are only available in particular locations.  Please see specific line cards on our Locations page.

Steel and O'Brien manufactures high-quality, stainless steel sanitary and BPE fittings, valves, tubing, pump parts and more. Highly engineered products are used successfully in many types of processing applications in the food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical and numerous other industries.

Sanitary Tubing. Our tubing is made from 304 and 316L dual grade stainless steel, is manufactured to ASTM 269 and 270 specifications, and is tested for: flare, flatten, flange, reverse bend and eddy current.

Hangers. Steel & O’Brien stocks several types of tube and pipe hangers, including 24PVC with insert, 24RG hanger with rubber grommet, 24PCP hanger with 3/8 rod coupling, 26CB take-down style with EPDM sleeve and 26LC mini hanger with EPDM sleeve.

Spray Balls. Stationary spray balls come in four spray patterns and are designed to be mounted to a tube or pipe.

Wall Flanges. Our inventory contains round wall flanges in various sizes for mounting pipes onto walls or for covering a hole in the wall or floor through which the pipe passes.

TOP-FLO®  Sanitary Pumps and Valves is a proven name in the sanitary process equipment industry with a reputation built on quality and durability. In simple terms, TOP-FLO® is a brand you can trust to perform.

* Sanitary Pumps

* Ball Valves

* Sample Valves

* Automation

* Diaphragm Valves

* Butterfly Valves

* Plug Valves

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